Benefit Auctions

With the 2020 KLA Convention being moved to a virtual format, the fundraiser auctions benefitting the KLA Political Action Committee (PAC), Kansas Livestock Foundation (KLF) and Ranchland Trust of Kansas (RTK) were postponed. The auctions now have been scheduled for the evening of February 16 at 6:00 p.m. and will be hosted live online by To register for the live auction visit

KLA PAC Auction Items
KLA PAC Auction Items
  • $5,000 Bull Credit, Gardiner Angus Ranch, 
  • $2,000 Bull Credit, Fink Beef Genetics
  • $1,000 Bull Credit, Bar S Ranch
  • $1,000 Bull Credit, Dalebanks Angus
  • $1,000 Bull Credit, Downey Ranch
  • $1,000 Bull Credit, Harms Plainview Ranch
  • $1,000 Bull Credit, Judd Ranch
  • $1,000 Bull Credit, Kniebel Cattle Company
  • $1,000 Bull Credit, Lyons Angus Ranch
  • $1,000 Bull Credit, Sandhill Farms
  • $500 Bull Credit, Benoit Angus
  • $500 Bull Credit, Hanel’s Black Simmental
  • $500 Bull Credit, Jensen Brothers
  • $500 Bull Credit, Jones Stewart Angus Ranch/Mid Continent Farms
  • $500 Bull Credit, Mushrush Red Angus.              
  • Engraved Tristar Setter 12 gauge over-under shotgun donated by Moser Ranch
  • Four Kansas State University east-side club seat tickets to a Big 12 conference game donated by Jerry Kuckelman
  • Pair of customized Rios of Mercedes boots donated by Nigro’s Western Wear and J&N Ranch                

  • Across Bed Toolbox donated by Hydrabed 
  • Scientific Hay Conserver and Hay Maximizer donated by GoBob Pipe & Steel 
  • Belt Buckle by BA Silver donated by Andy Larson 

RTK Auction Items

  • Portrait image of a saddle on a 20”x30” framed canvas donated by photographer Bruce Hogle
  • $250 gift certificate to Zeitlow Distributing donated by Zeitlow Distributing Company
  • One-night stay at any Kansas state park cabin donated by Kansas Wildlife, Parks & Tourism  
  • Wildflower tour and fishing trip for six in Elk County donated by Bill Eastman

What is the KLA PAC?

KLA PAC is KLA’s Political Action Committee. It was established in 1977 to provide contributions to candidates for state elected offices. It provides money to campaigns and endorses candidates that are supportive of the policy positions of KLA at the Statehouse. IT IS NOT and cannot be funded with dues dollars.

Why donate to the KLA PAC?

Competition between PACs has been on the rise and your donations are necessary for the KLA PAC to maintain its past level of contributions to candidates who support KLA policies. Help us back those who have your back!

What is the KLA PAC 500?

This is a group of KLA members who donate $500 or more to the KLA PAC in a given year. KLA PAC 500 members are a prestigious group and are recognized throughout the year at various KLA events.

KLA PAC 500 Events?

KLA PAC 500 members have access to special events and insight from candidates and political figures. In 2012, KLA PAC 500 members had the opportunity to have breakfast with Karl Rove, former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush. In 2016, KLA PAC 500 members had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Roger Marshall, then candidate for Kansas’ First Congressional District. In addition, in past years, KLA PAC 500 members have had the opportunity to meet with state legislators and tour facilities of economic and political significance. In 2017, KLA PAC 500 members met with Kansas Majority Leader Don Hineman.