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KLA’s goal always is to protect the interests of its more than 5,600 members. This is done through member input and by adhering to member-driven policy. Join today!

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Governor Signs Some Bills, Vetoes Others

In the days following the end of the 2024 Kansas legislative session, Gov. Laura Kelly signed and vetoed many pieces of legislation, some of which are of interest to KLA members. Tax relief - As expected, Gov. Kelly vetoed SB 37, the Legislature’s latest version of a comprehen...

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KLA PAC is KLA’s Political Action Committee. It was established in 1977 to provide contributions to candidates for state elected offices. It provides money to campaigns and endorses candidates that are supportive of the policy positions of KLA at the Statehouse. 


Tick and fly control

Kansas State University Research and Extension veterinary entomologist Cassandra Olds explains why burning in the spring is an effective way to control the horn fly and tick populations in pasture and grassland areas.