The Hy-Plains Education and Research Center near Montezuma is partnering with the National Institute for Animal Agriculture to present a special forum tomorrow (6/21) on important issues surrounding the use and efficacy of antibiotics. Topics addressed on the program will include antibiotic resistance research, reducing antibiotic use without sacrificing animal welfare and developing a science-based metric to quantify best management practices for reducing the use of antibiotics.
     Speakers on the program will include Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine Professor of Production Medicine Mike Apley, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Associate Director of Antimicrobial Resistance Dawn Sievert, CDC veterinarian Megin Nichols, veterinarian Bob Smith, Mark Gardiner with Gardiner Angus of Ashland, Ashland Veterinary Center veterinarian Randall Spare and Hy-Plains Feedyard Manager Tom Jones.
     The forum starts at 8:00 a.m. and is open to the public. For more information, contact Shannon Wharton at (620) 846-2226 or swharton@wbsnet.org.



Kansas Livestock Association Communications Program Manager Scarlett Hagins highlights the recent partnership between the Kansas and Missouri beef councils to maximize views of the Rethink the Ranch series among consumers in the Kansas metro area.