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Throughout the pandemic and beyond, KLA’s goal always is to protect the interests of its over 5,700 members. This is done through member input and by adhering to member-driven policy. Join today!

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KLA News of the Day

Legislature Wraps Up Last Week of Committees

A number of last-minute bills were addressed in committees this week of which KLA testified on several.   Foreign ownership of land - KLA testified in opposition to SB 283, which would prevent any foreign adversary from owning an interest in real property over 10 acr...

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KLA PAC is KLA’s Political Action Committee. It was established in 1977 to provide contributions to candidates for state elected offices. It provides money to campaigns and endorses candidates that are supportive of the policy positions of KLA at the Statehouse. 


K-State Research and Extension News

K-State Research and Extension cow/calf specialist Jason Warner says the year’s drought across much of Kansas may affect the way producers supplement their cow’s feed this winter.