The Kansas Livestock Foundation's (KLF) primary objective is to operate solely and exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes that advance the interests of the beef industry.    

This objective can be achieved by supporting existing programs or by developing new and engaging opportunities. Examples are listed below.

Educational Opportunities

The following activities support a program of continuing education for persons interested in the production and promotion of livestock.

> Lectures, seminars, workshops, panels, briefings, etc.    
Such activities would address timely topics such as marketing systems, management techniques, estate planning and the use of new technologies in agricultural operations.

> Scholarships    
Provide funds for scholarships and grants to students at the undergraduate or graduate level. 
To learn more about the KLF Scholarship Program click here

> Internships    
There is a great need to join the practical experience found only in a hands-on work environment with classroom instruction on the same topic. It is believed these internships also will be beneficial for organizations and associations concerned with or serving the needs of the public in areas related to agriculture and livestock management.

> Consumer research    
Engaging in research regarding consumer attitudes about beef production, animal welfare and beef nutrition, etc., so as to provide further education to the consumer, will benefit the livestock industry.

> Consumer education
Educate the general public on livestock-related issues affecting all of us as Kansans who work and live in proximity to agricultural or livestock operations.


Funds designated for this area would support the tremendous need for scientific research in the areas of production and marketing of livestock to provide the consumer an economical, wholesome product. Areas of research include but are not limited to:

> Livestock production    
Topics for research might include growth stimulants, branding and inspection of animals and safe handling techniques.

> Marketing and economics    
Topics might include meat pricing, supply and demand factors and foreign markets.

> Management    
Areas of research for this topic might include computer programs, management analysis and the effects of regulations and laws on efficient livestock production.


Donations can include:
> Gifts of cash, real and personal property   
> "In memory of" gifts - Create a memorial to remember people special to you and your life.   
> "In honor of" gifts - Thoughtfully honor a person for their contributions to the industry.   
> Estate gifts - Estate planning offers donors an opportunity to support KLF in the future. Donors may bequeath a target amount or a percentage of their estate.

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For more information, contact:

Ryan Higbie
Director of Membership Marketing & Services
Kansas Livestock Association

(785) 273-5115