KLA Endorses Candidates In Primary Races

July 1, 2020

The KLA Political Action Council (PAC) and KLA Board of Directors recently made candidate endorsements for the August 4 primary election. A list of candidates endorsed by KLA who have a contested primary race can be found here. Candidates with uncontested primary election races were not considered for endorsement in the primary. 

KLA endorses candidates who understand and have a record of supporting the organization's legislative positions, Kansas agriculture and specifically the livestock industry. Member feedback is used when developing endorsements that typically favor proven incumbent legislators.  

Members of KLA PAC will meet again after the primary to develop candidate recommendations for the KLA Board of Directors to approve before the November 3 general election. KLA members are encouraged to call staff with feedback or questions on candidates running for state or federal office.    

Funds used for KLA PAC contributions are from voluntary donations given by members. No dues revenue is used.