Wildfire/Severe Storm Relief Resources

KLF Wildfire/Storm Relief Application

KLF Wildfire/Storm Relief Application (fillable form)

Supply Collection & Distribution Sites

Four county fire area

The 4-County Fire Mitigation Team which was established in coordination with the Russell County Emergency Management has shared the following: 

We are currently in need of stock tanks, panels, hay feeders, buckets, feed bunks, gates, etc. until fencing can be established. There will continue to be an ongoing need for hay and livestock feed throughout winter into summer. Please call with any questions you might have. There is still a need for fencing supplies (T-posts, pipe, hedge posts, barbed wire, insulators, etc.). 

To donate any agriculture items, contact:
Tanner Lyle: (785) 735-8024
Iva Maier: (785) 885-4404


Informational packet from Natoma meeting

Fence - ECP Fact Sheet


Feed - ELAP - Livestock Assistance Face Sheet


Call before you dig

  • As a reminder, producers needing to bury livestock that were lost in the wildfires that took place December 15 should call Kansas 811 before digging. Kansas 811 is the underground utility notification center for the state of Kansas. Using their services, you can notify underground utility operators of proposed excavation and request that their facilities are marked before you dig. For more information, click here