Emergency Planning Community Right To Know Act

The Environmental Protection Agency, under the Emergency Planning Community Right to Know Act, has released a final rule regarding the reporting of emissions from large confined animal feeding operations (CAFO). The rule requires CAFOs to report ammonia and hydrogen sulfide emissions to state and local emergency response officials if the operation emits 100 lbs. or more during a 24-hour period of either substance.    

Included in the facilities that must comply are those that confine more than 1,000 beef cattle; 700 mature dairy cows; 1,000 veal calves; 2,500 swine, each weighing 55 lbs. or more; 10,000 swine, each weighing less than 55 lbs.; 500 horses; and 10,000 sheep. Telephone notification must be made to state and local emergency responders no later than January 20, 2009, and a written report must be submitted within 30 days thereafter, to avoid severe penalties.      

Documents that can be used to estimate emissions and report the information to the appropriate authorities can be found below. Members with questions should contact the KLA office.


Beef Cattle Feedyard Continuous Release Report

Dairy Operation Continuous Release Report

Swine Operation Continuous Release Report

   > Ammonia Emissions Estimator for Swine

Local Emergency Personnel Contact List