Dear Representative,  

I strongly encourage you to support HB 2437, which would require accurate labeling of meat analogs, also known as fake meat products. Fake meat manufacturers are using graphics and words that use the beef industry’s good name to deceptively market their products and mislead consumers. HB 2437 is a simple and straightforward bill that would put a stop to these practices in Kansas.

In a recent survey, when consumers were asked to evaluate specific product labels and marketing materials in some of the leading fake meat products, the results were startling and the need for this legislation is clear. Nearly two-thirds of respondents believed that fake meat products contained real beef or some form of animal protein and more than one-third of respondents, when shown a label that included the word “beef,” said the product contained real beef.

HB 2437 would require meat analogs that are using meat terms to also include on its label “this product does not contain meat,” “meatless,” or “meat-free” in the same font and size as the meat term. The bill also allows meat analog products to conform to the federal imitation label standard to avoid being considered misbranded in Kansas.

Consumers rely on names and product packaging when they are choosing meat to purchase for their families, and they should be confident the information on the package is accurate and not misleading. HB 2437 will stop the misleading market practices of fake meat manufacturers, and I strongly urge you to support its passage without any amendments that would weaken the label disclaimer.    


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