Kansas Beef Council Achieves Milestone

June 30, 2020

Demand-building activities generated by the Kansas Beef Council (KBC) have achieved another milestone. The consumer-facing website, www.kansasbeef.org, has reached more than one million page views since the site first launched in early 2017. The website, designed through the Federation of State Beef Councils and maintained by KBC, provides easy recipes, nutritional information and educational material about how beef is responsibly raised in Kansas. The partnership with the Federation resulted in a high-quality product at a fraction of the price, allowing for more efficient use of checkoff dollars.  

“We recognized the massive shift in consumer behavior several years ago and that, in order to be relevant, state beef councils needed to have a robust digital presence. We knew it was the right thing to do when we voted to proceed with a new website, and the data we have seen over time supports this decision,” said rancher and volunteer KBC board member Barb Downey of Wamego.  

The newest addition to the website is an online Kansas beef sales directory that educates consumers about purchasing beef in the grocery store or directly from a producer. The listing is being promoted through Google ad words to target consumers and chefs searching for how to purchase beef online or through a beef producer near them.  

Through strategic digital advertising campaigns, collaborating with influencers and utilizing Google search, KBC can reach a myriad of people based upon demographics, zip codes and interests, thus getting personalized beef information to consumers at cost-effective rates. This is, however, just one aspect of a greater strategy that focuses on demand-building programs. KBC also routinely networks with health professionals and dietitians across the state to provide science-based information on how beef can be part of a healthy diet, collaborates with culinary professionals throughout the Kansas and Kansas City markets and promotes research and education within the industry. For more information on KBC programs, view their annual report here.