Checkoff-Funded Program Reaches Public Health Nutritionists

May 21, 2020

The Kansas Beef Council (KBC) recently partnered with the Kansas Nutrition Council (KNC) to provide a presentation to more than 100 registered dietitians and public health nutritionists during the virtual KNC Annual Conference. The checkoff-sponsored session, titled “What is Your Carb IQ? The Science Supporting Low-Carb Diets,” was presented by registered dietitian and University of Texas professor Jim Painter. Painter discussed the health guidelines and research behind low-carbohydrate diets and their impact on those with increased risk of heart disease, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Attendees also learned about beef’s nutritional profile as a high-quality protein and the beneficial role it plays in lower-carb diets.  

The virtual conference was offered for a two-week period during which time Painter’s presentation received more than 120 views. Checkoff-funded sessions like this one help communicate accurate information about beef nutrition to health professionals who share nutrition information and advice with a broad variety of consumers.