President Signs Executive Order To Keep Packing Plants Open

April 29, 2020

President Donald Trump yesterday signed an executive order that instructs beef packing plants to remain open and employees in those plants to remain at work through the coronavirus pandemic. This action will help keep the beef supply chain intact and ensure beef remains available to consumers. It also prioritizes these plants to secure important personal protective equipment that allows plant workers to safely do their job. 

“This order makes clear the significant role these plants and their employees play in getting beef to consumers,” said KLA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Matt Teagarden. “We thank President Trump for supporting producers and recognizing the importance of keeping the cattle industry moving.”      

Maintaining supply chain continuity has been a priority for KLA and NCBA since the beginning of the pandemic. As the situation has become more difficult for cattle producers due to plant closings and slower processing speeds, efforts have been ramped up to keep cattle and beef moving, including NCBA’s work to secure President Trump’s executive order. According to NCBA CEO Colin Woodall, this is critical to reducing the damage being inflicted upon cattle producers who are unable to get cattle shipped or processed because of unprecedented supply chain interruptions. 

For more information on action steps taken by KLA and NCBA throughout the pandemic, click here. The executive order in its entirety can be viewed here.