Beef Promotion Reaches Millions

April 23, 2020

As home cooks have been stocking up on staples like beef over the past several weeks, the national beef checkoff has ramped up efforts to provide preparation tips and recipes. Part of those efforts included working with three popular chefs to launch a campaign encouraging consumers to make real beef their “meat substitute” of choice, serving up inspiring recipes like Peking Chuck, Korean Fried Beef and Cowlimari. Since these new videos launched April 1 via and other social media properties, there have been more than 1.2 million video views and nearly 1.5 million social engagements with the content, with a very positive consumer response.

Additionally, for cooks who may not be as savvy, the checkoff started promoting quick and easy meal prep videos through YouTube and other digital advertising efforts. Since these videos launched in late March, there have been more than 5 million video views and a 51% increase in recipe-related page views on the Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner website.