Beef Promotion Efforts Focused On Nutrition, Cooking At Home

March 23, 2020

 Amid coronavirus concerns, the Kansas Beef Council (KBC) remains vigilant in the need to educate consumers on the benefits and importance of choosing beef as part of their diet. As families adjust to more time at home, KBC is offering tips and ideas for how to cook beef with the kids, batch cook and make the most of leftovers to ensure meal planning is stress-free and packs a nutritious punch. Planning saves time and money and can help families reach daily nutrition goals.  

In addition, checkoff-funded programs are leveraging digital advertising to help position accurate information and research on beef’s role in a healthy and balanced diet. As a result, recipes, cooking lessons and virtual ranch tours will be offered online. To learn more about the work KBC is doing to actively engage with consumers, visit

On a national level, NCBA is closely tracking consumer sentiment specific to coronavirus and any concerns that might impact beef safety or consumer demand. So far, none have been noted. Although 80% of consumers say they are concerned about the virus and what is happening with the economy, they trust the food system. In fact, retail beef sales were up 8% through March 8. The NCBA consumer marketing and research team is adjusting current checkoff-funded advertising, media relations and grassroots advocacy programs to reinforce beef’s nutritional profile and how it contributes to healthy diets.