Legislature Breaks Early Due To Coronavirus

March 20, 2020

The Kansas Legislature adjourned yesterday due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, cutting the regular session short and leaving numerous bills on uncertain footing. KLA’s fake meat bill, HB 2437, is among those, along with the silage cutting exemption in SB 267 and raw milk labeling in SB 308.

While in session this week, the House and Senate focused only on bills absolutely necessary to the function of the state. Both chambers quickly came to an agreement on a budget and the state’s 10-year transportation plan, and ratified Gov. Laura Kelly’s emergency executive order. The adjournment resolution passed by the Legislature has the veto session tentatively scheduled to begin April 27, but allows the Legislative Coordinating Council to call lawmakers back before that date or as late as May 21, which currently is the date the 2020 legislative session is scheduled to end.

If legislators return on time, KLA will continue to push forward on bills important to members’ business interests, including those mentioned above. If the Legislature is unable to meet again, bills may have to be reintroduced during the 2021 legislative session.