NCBA, KLA Actively Engaged In Issues Involving Coronavirus

March 17, 2020

The spread of Coronavirus and the world's response to it has created a great deal of uncertainty in the U.S. and around the world. Recognizing this has led to a very volatile cattle market, NCBA and KLA are engaging in the situation. All indications are consumer spending on beef has remained strong, with foodservice purchases of beef being replaced by those at retail.

To help maintain demand and supply chain continuity, NCBA has been in daily communication with participants from every sector of the industry, including ranchers, feeders, processors and foodservice and retail operators. In addition, NCBA staff in Washington, DC, is working closely with Congress, USDA and other regulatory agencies to remove possible barriers to beef production. They have confirmation that USDA graders and inspectors have been deemed essential and will continue working as usual. NCBA also has been in communication with transportation officials to ensure the entire supply chain continues to operate and has asked USDA to closely monitor markets for any anti-competitive behavior.

"As we work through this crisis, we must do everything in our power to safeguard every sector of the business from disruption, while ensuring cattle and beef continue to move in an orderly manner," said NCBA Chief Executive Officer Colin Woodall. 

KLA is assisting NCBA in their efforts and is continuing to serve members at full capacity. KLA staff has communicated with state legislators and regulatory officials, as well as members of the Kansas congressional delegation. Members are encouraged to contact KLA with any questions or concerns about the current situation

For precautions and preventative measures that can be taken to help lessen the spread of Coronavirus, click here. More information also can be found at or