Beef Expert Bureau Member Reaches Retail Dietitians

March 5, 2020

Continuous outreach with key influencers through NCBA’s Beef Expert Bureau shows longer-range reach of beef messaging as those influencers engage with their peers. Registered Dietitian and member of the Beef Expert Bureau Shari Steinbach recently wrote an article for the Retail Dietitians Business Alliance, an organization that serves as a professional group to more than 800 retail dietitians. In the article, Steinbach highlighted important considerations regarding good protein sources, like beef, for retail dietitians as they provide their customers guidance and assist their stores with driving sales across all departments. It’s hard to beat the nutrients a serving of beef provides as an authentic source of high-quality protein with 10 essential nutrients and no added sodium in one simple ingredient. Steinbach shared the article on Twitter and has received positive feedback.