Nutrition Communicators Hear Livestock Sustainability Research

February 20, 2020

NCBA recently supported an educational session at FoodFluence, an invitation-only conference that draws more than 30 of the top nutrition communicators from across the country. Jennifer Otten, PhD, RD, with the University of Washington, started the session by discussing the importance of producing nutrient-rich foods over calories in our food system and reviewing proposed solutions for how a growing global population can be fed. University of California-Davis professor Frank Mitloehner, PhD, then presented the latest research on how livestock contributes to a sustainable food system. In addition, Vice President of Nutritional Strategies, Inc. Yanni Papanikolaou, PhD, shared the latest meat consumption data, while Moul Dey, PhD, with South Dakota State University, reviewed the current body of evidence on meat’s impact on the human microbiome. The session closed with breakout sessions where each expert shared additional insight.

In addition to providing an educational session, the NCBA nutrition team attended the conference and connected with attendees, reinforcing the role of livestock in human and environmental health. While the session itself garnered a potential reach of more than 200,000, it is expected that the knowledge gained from this session will be incorporated into news articles, blog posts, social media and other forms of communications outlets throughout the year.