Survey Reveals Consumer Opinions On Fake Meat

February 13, 2020

Piplsay Market Research recently released results from a survey of nearly 32,000 Americans focused on the acceptance of alternative proteins among consumers. The study revealed fewer than three in 10 believe fake meat products are comparable to real meat. Among those that have tried fake meat, mostly millennials, 53% did so out of curiosity. Only 12% said they eat it quite often.

Data also showed fewer than one in three consumers consider fake meat products to be healthy and environmentally friendly. In addition, nearly 50% of those surveyed believe fake meat is highly processed and cannot beat what real meat brings to the table.

Opinions did vary based on age, with 52% of baby boomers saying they have no interest in trying fake meat products. About 16% of millennials said they eat fake meat regularly, with a quarter of those indicating they do so for environmental reasons.