Webinar Addresses Misconceptions About Red Meat And Cancer

January 3, 2020

To help address some of the misconceptions surrounding red meat consumption and cancer risk, NCBA, a contractor to the beef check-off, sponsored a webinar last month through the American Society for Nutrition. More than 800 took part, with 425 attending live. 

Research scientists Robert Turesky, PhD, with the University of Minnesota, and Jane Pouzou, PhD, with EpiX Analytics, discussed compounds that are formed in cooked meats and poultry. During their presentation, they highlighted the level of uncertainty in the scientific evidence and concluded that the epidemiology data on dietary factors and cancer risk are not consistent, with a key takeaway being that definite gaps in knowledge exist in this area of research. 

Steven Clinton, MD, PhD, with The Ohio State University, provided a summary of the current findings of the World Cancer Research Fund/American Institute of Cancer Research (WCRF/AICR) third expert report, in which the authors downgraded the strength of evidence on red meat and cancer risk from previous re-ports. Additionally, Clinton noted that Americans currently are consuming red and processed meat within the WCRF/AICR dietary recommendations for cancer prevention.