New Law Allows Utility Vehicles To Cross Kansas Highways Under Certain Conditions

July 8, 2019

Among new Kansas laws that went into effect July 1 is legislation that allows all-terrian vehicles (ATV) or work-site utility vehicles (UTV) to CROSS state and federal highways, but not interstate highways. Another provision of the new law allows ATVs and UTVs to be driven on state and federal highways if the following criteria are met: the posted speed limit on the highway must be 65 miles per hour or slower; the operator must have a valid driver’s license; the trip is for agricultural purposes; and the vehicle is driven as near the right side of the road as practical.            

KLA supported the bill, which was approved by the state Legislature and signed by Gov. Laura Kelly. KLA encourages ATV and UTV operators taking advantage of the new law to operate in a safe and responsible manner.