New KLA County Chairs Will Provide Local Leadership

March 21, 2019

Thirteen new KLA county chairs recently began three-year terms. Incoming local leaders, and their counties, are Joe Meiwes, Allen; Darren McGhee, Anderson; Chad Cargill, Barber; Paul Woydziak, Barton; Jared Whitcomb, Chase; Trisha Janssen, Ellsworth; Marisa Kleysteuber, Finney; Levi Getz, Gove; Joe Eilert, Jewell; Dirck Hoagland, Leavenworth/Wyandotte; Kayla Josefiak, Pawnee; Matthew Jarvis, Phillips; and Marsha Schilling, Sherman.

These individuals are responsible for recruiting members, coordinating local meetings, keeping the KLA staff and leadership in tune with local issues and serving as a liaison to others in their counties. Those whose counties are qualified for seats on the KLA Chairmen’s Circle also attend two meetings each year. A county must have 35 members or $5,000 in dues to be qualified.