USDA, FDA Announce Fake Meat Agreement

March 8, 2019

USDA and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reached a formal agreement this week regarding the oversight of lab-grown fake meat. According to NCBA, under the terms of the agreement, USDA will be responsible for inspecting all facilities that harvest, process, package or label cell-cultured products derived from livestock or poultry. All product labels also will be subject to USDA’s pre-approval and verification process.

“The formal agreement solidifies USDA’s lead oversight role in the production and labeling of lab-grown fake meat products. This is what NCBA has been asking for, and it is what consumers deserve,” said NCBA President Jennifer Houston.

NCBA will continue to work collaboratively with USDA and FDA on this issue, including development of a more detailed framework concerning the cell harvest stage. Houston said ensuring all lab-grown fake meat products are safe and accurately labeled remains NCBA’s top priority.