Members Receiving Insufficient Fund Checks From Plainville Livestock Should Follow These Steps

February 25, 2019

KLA has received numerous calls from members who have received insufficient fund checks originating from Plainville Livestock Commission, Inc. KLA staff was able to determine that Almena State Bank has frozen the custodial account of the market and filed an interpleader case in Norton County District Court to determine all proper claims on the account. Members who have received an insufficient fund check resulting from the sale of cattle at this market should first call the western regional office of the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service, Packers and Stockyards Division at (303) 375-4250 to file a claim against the market's bond. Affected members should then file a claim in Norton County Case No. 19-CV-02.     

To file a claim, each individual or entity must submit to the court the following information:

1. A handwritten or typed statement that identifies the individual or entity owed money, including their contact information. In that statement, the claimant should also provide the total amount they are owed.

2. The claimant should attach a copy of the check received from Plainville Livestock Commission, Inc.

3. The claimant should also attach a copy of their sales receipt from Plainville Livestock Commission, Inc.    

Once the above steps are complete, the claimant should contact the clerk of the court in Norton County at (785) 877-5720. The Clerk will let claimants know how to appropriately file their claim with the court. After the claim is filed, an attorney representing the Almena State Bank may contact claimants to explain future proceedings regarding claim collection.    

As with any legal matter, it is advisable to consult with a personal attorney to ensure interests are being protected before agreeing to any settlement or signing any legal documents.