Beef Fest Names Winners In Feedlot, Carcass Contests

February 20, 2019

Steers owned by Gary and Judy Meats from LeRoy and heifers owned by Spring Creek Ranch of Cassoday won the overall gain contest as part of the 2018 Flint Hills Beef Fest feedlot and carcass awards. The Meats’ steers gained 3.87 lbs. per day from the time they went on grass in April 2018 until harvest from the feedlot last month, while the Spring Creek heifers gained 3.57 lbs.

First place in the steer feedlot contest were cattle gaining 4.89 lbs. on feed and owned by Devin Arndt, Emporia. In second place were steers from J & J Farms of Emporia. The steer carcass contest was won by entries from Crown S Ranch of Olpe, with second place awarded to cattle owned by Coltin Arndt from Emporia.

In the heifer division, the winning pen from Spring Creek Ranch gained 4.27 lbs. per day in the feedlot contest, with Jeff and Tonya Fowler from Chanute owning the cattle that finished second. Entries from Fredonia Livestock Auction LLC of Fall River won the heifer carcass contest, with Jamie, Heather, Macey and Laney Adams of Neosho Rapids owning the second-place pen.