Thank you for registering!

Virtual Convention Information:

  • Once you register, you will be sent a Zoom conference link prior to the meeting. This link will be specific to you and should not be forwarded. On the day of the meeting, click the link to access the meeting. Members are encouraged to log in 10 to 15 minutes prior to meeting start time.
  • KLA strongly recommends accessing the virtual meeting using a personal computer. If one is not available, or internet connectivity is limited, KLA recommends using a tablet or a smart phone to access the virtual meeting using your cellular signal. If none of these options are available, a participant may call in, but participation will be significantly limited.
    • Phone participants will not be able to see handouts, will not be able to access electronic voting, will be required to vote by roll call, and may have limited ability to engage in discussion.
    • Phone participants must mute their phone using the mute button or *6. If a phone participant does not mute their phone and it disrupts the meeting, the participant will be muted by the host, which will limit the host’s ability to know if the participant wishes to speak.