Grassland And Cattle Improvement On Medicine Lodge Field Day Program

August 2, 2018

C.J. and Russell Blew will host the first KLA/Kansas State University Ranch Management Field Day Monday (8/6) on the Nichols Ranch near Medicine Lodge, which they lease. Prior to the Anderson Creek Wildfire going through the ranch, the Blews and the landowner had begun clearing invasive trees and implementing a multi-year grazing plan and stockwater development project. During the field day, Russell Blew and Natural Resources Conservation Service Range Management Specialist Dusty Tacha will highlight how these and other future projects will improve the Gyp Hills grasslands.            

The Blew Partnership has a Red Angus-based commercial cowherd, with emphasis on producing cattle that consistently achieve a high quality grade. C.J. Blew will be on the program to share their experiences with retaining ownership of the calves, collecting sire testing data and utilizing DNA testing for genetic selection.           

All livestock producers and others involved in the business are invited to attend the field day. It will begin at 3:00 p.m. with registration, feature educational presentations and demonstrations and conclude with a free beef dinner at 6:45 p.m.            

Two other field days will be held the following week. Tyler and Kassie Remington of Quinter will host the August 13 event at their diversified farming and commercial cow-calf operation in Gove County. The third and final field day will take place August 16 at Loma Land & Cattle of La Cygne, a grass-based commercial cow-calf operation owned by Robert Thayer and family.            

The Farm Credit Associations of Kansas and Bayer Animal Health are sponsors of all three field days. For more information, including directions to each site, click here.