Checkoff Function Gives Digital Influencers Something To Blog About

July 31, 2018

     Kansas Beef Council (KBC) staff recently hosted nine of the top digital influencers in the Kansas City area for an evening of beef education. Titled “Meat Up,” the checkoff-funded event put influencers through a meat cutting class during which they fabricated KC strip steaks from a strip roast. Participants were sent home with steaks, recipe brochures, information on accurate labeling guidelines and suggestions to make them confident when cooking beef.          
     While digital content still is being produced and distributed from “Meat Up,” nine influencers already have shared 92 pieces of content that reached more than 100,000 consumers in the Kansas City area. Research shows consumers place a high degree of trust in digital influencers.        
     KBC plans to further engage with these influential bloggers, who have a direct line of communication with a sizeable audience of millennial and Generation Z consumers.