Beef Fuels Athletes

April 10, 2024

Proper nutrition before, during and after physical activity plays a crucial role in muscle, skeletal and athletic development. To help share this message and educate active families on how beef can fit effortlessly into the diets of their young athletes, the Kansas Beef Council (KBC) collaborated with two Kansas City sports nutrition experts.

Leslie Bonci, a dietitian working with the Kansas City Chiefs, wrote an article that covers the “Four Ps” of protein to show how high-quality proteins can influence post-workout recovery and provide other essential nutrients that ultimately help promote performance. She also shared her favorite beef recipes for athletes.

Since recovery is such an important aspect of athletic training, Sporting KC dietitian Kim Gaskill wrote an article that took a deeper dive into how protein impacts muscles. During the recovery phase, muscle synthesis occurs to repair damaged tissue and build new muscle. This ensures athletes are adequately prepared for their next training session or game. Gaskill also noted in her article that beef burgers are a favorite among Sporting KC players.

Gaskill and Bonci’s articles can be found here. Both are being promoted through display advertisements on various websites, KBC social media channels and through a handout that will be distributed during coaching and youth athletic events throughout the spring.