KBC Shares Importance Of Beef In The Diets Of Women

November 16, 2023

The Kansas Beef Council (KBC) recently placed multiple print and digital advertisements targeting health professionals that communicated the iron requirements for women at different ages and how beef can help meet those needs. The checkoff-funded ads were featured in online and print publications, and at conferences for physicians, dietitians and nurses.

“Adolescent girls benefit greatly from beef consumption, as it offers key nutrients many girls might be missing,” said KBC Director of Nutrition Abby Heidari. “We want health professionals to be aware that incorporating beef into a healthy and balanced diet can be an effective means of preventing common nutrient deficiencies.”

The ads are estimated already to have reached thousands of Kansas health professionals. The assets were designed to have a nationwide reach and will be used by multiple state beef councils along with the Federation of State Beef Councils.