Legislation Introduced To Address Black Vultures

March 14, 2023

The Black Vulture Relief Act was introduced last week by Reps. John Rose of Tennessee and Darren Soto from Florida. The bipartisan bill would allow a cattle producer to capture, kill, disperse or transport black vultures that pose a risk to livestock. Additionally, it would reduce permitting burdens and red tape by instituting a simple report that producers submit once per year detailing the number of black vultures they removed.  

“Across the country, cattle producers are coping with extreme input costs and the worst inflation rate in 40 years. Livestock deaths due to black vultures are a financial loss that no one can afford right now,” said NCBA Director of Government Affairs Sigrid Johannes. “Giving producers greater flexibility on black vulture management means one less financial burden to worry about.” 

Black vultures are a lethal predator of newborn calves, causing increased losses for cattle producers in many states, including Kansas. KLA supports this legislation and, along with NCBA, will continue to monitor the issue.