KBC Uses Consumer Preferences To Promote Beef

November 22, 2022

The Kansas Beef Council (KBC) is committed to effectively reaching consumers to increase beef demand. To make that possible, KBC routinely collects market research through questionnaires consumers complete about their protein preferences and beef perceptions. The most recent survey was conducted in August and included a sample size of 300 people across Kansas and the Kansas City metro area.   

Survey results showed 75% of Kansans and 72% of consumers in Kansas City have a positive perception of beef. However, those percentages drop to only 42% and 35%, respectively, when asked about cattle raised for food. Around 84% of Kansans and 79% of Kansas City residents said they eat beef weekly.  

There are three main considerations Kansas consumers have when selecting which protein to purchase. Those are taste, value and safety. More than 80% of respondents believe beef is great-tasting and good for many types of meals. About 63% said beef is safe to eat. Consumers did indicate that access to quick, easy and healthy recipes could encourage them to increase their beef consumption.  

Product packaging is where Kansas consumers primarily get their information about beef nutrition, but Pinterest and influencers are where they look for recipes and information about how cattle are raised.  

KBC used this information in developing their fall social media campaign featuring 10 beef soup recipes. The campaign used targeted ads on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok. The content was seen more than 750,000 times and had over 160,000 engagements.