Supreme Court Denies Lawsuit Against Beef Checkoff

June 29, 2022

The U.S. Supreme Court denied R-CALF’s lawsuit against 13 state beef councils, including the Kansas Beef Council, and the beef checkoff this week. The ruling effectively ends this attack on the checkoff. 

“For too long we have allowed R-CALF and their attorneys to divide our industry and draw attention away from the important job of beef promotion and research. The Supreme Court’s rejection of R-CALF’s petition confirms the beef checkoff, and its overseers, are adhering to the letter and spirit of the laws that protect and guide producer investments in the program,” said NCBA Chief Executive Officer Colin Woodall. 

NCBA intervened in the lawsuit in its early days to help defend state beef councils and the cattlemen and women who volunteer their time as checkoff leaders against the false attacks. Multiple court decisions rejected the allegations and reaffirmed the work and direction of the beef checkoff and those who guide it. 

“R-CALF has repeatedly attacked the beef checkoff, engaging lawyers who are closely aligned with extremist animal rights groups like PETA and others, in an attempt to further their efforts,” said Woodall. “It’s time that our industry stands up to R-CALF and insists that they end these attacks on the beef checkoff and the volunteer cattle producers who direct it.”