New Vet Training Program Created At K-State

November 18, 2021

Kansas State University has created a new veterinary toxicology training program, which will help aid in the rapid response to animal health emergencies. With the help of a $248,000 USDA grant, the program will use innovative outreach tools to better enable livestock veterinarians to recognize and address toxicology problems in food animals, especially cattle, small ruminants and pigs. K-State Clinical Veterinary Toxicologist Steve Ensley and K-State Professor of Production Medicine Bob Larson created the training platform.    

“The toxicology section at the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Lab and I receive multiple calls each day dealing with questions about food animal veterinary toxicology from across the U.S.,” Ensley said. “Many questions are about current cases that veterinarians are dealing with and they want assistance in answering specific questions. Because of the infrequent nature of most toxicological case presentations, many practicing veterinarians find it difficult to maintain the current knowledge necessary to quickly address specific toxicological emergencies.” 

The project will utilize veterinary telemedicine and other distance-based education resources, including a toxicology call-in hotline for practicing veterinarians and YouTube training videos. Outreach portals for the training materials will include the websites for the Beef Cattle Institute, K-State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, K-State Veterinary Medical Continuing Education and the Colby Community College veterinary nursing program.