KLA Members, Staff On Capitol Hill

July 23, 2021

KLA volunteer leaders and staff spent three days in Washington, D.C., this week. While in the nation’s capital, the KLA contingent met with each member of the Kansas congressional delegation, staff from both the Senate and House Ag Committees and staff of other key members of Congress. 

During the various meetings, several issues of concern were discussed, including cattle marketing, proposed changes to the tax code that would negatively impact family farms and ranches and how the lack of labor is affecting the livestock industry. The KLA group explained the reasons cattle feeders use different methods to market fed cattle and outlined how member-developed policy defends each producer’s ability to market their cattle how they see fit. They also highlighted how labor shortages are impacting processors, cattle feeders and dairy farmers. Additionally, KLA leaders explained the importance of a guest worker program that fits the year-round labor needs of feedyards and dairies and the need for government policies that encourage domestic workers to re-enter the labor force.