KLA And Others Continue To Express Concern With 30x30 Proposal

April 30, 2021

KLA continues to have concerns about President Joe Biden’s 30x30 proposal, which seeks to conserve 30% of the land and ocean in America by 2030. In conversations with USDA staff, KLA has made it clear the association does not support executive mandates to enforce climate policy and opposes using executive action to redirect funding away from other resource concerns like water quality. Protecting private property rights is a foundational principle of KLA and members oppose government mandates that limit these rights. 

In addition to KLA’s efforts, Sens. Jerry Moran and Roger Marshall, along with Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly and Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt also have each expressed their concern with the 30x30 directive. Moran and Schmidt each sent a letter to U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, whose office has been directed to work with USDA and other agencies to compile a report for the National Climate Task Force that includes proposed guidelines for determining what lands and waters qualify for conservation. Schmidt said the proposal “must be construed to fully protect private property rights and to preserve state and local authority over conservation measures.” Similarly, Moran’s letter sought assurances that the presidential directive would not tread in any way on the rights of landowners. 

“It is critical for the Biden administration to uphold the integrity of private property rights and recognize the important economic contributions of agricultural and energy production on our lands,” Moran wrote. 

Marshall sent a letter to Biden urging him to ensure the directive would not threaten productive land that will be necessary to feed an ever-growing world population. 

“I ask that you respect and acknowledge the private property rights of individuals so they may continue to have authority over what occurs on their property and have the freedom to produce an abundance of food, fuel and fiber for the world,” he wrote. 

Gov. Kelly sent a letter to Haaland and U.S. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack recommending the agriculture community be full partners in the development of any new conservation programs. She also strongly advised that any federal initiative be respectful of landowners’ property rights.