Funding Available To Help Control Invasive Woody Plants

April 6, 2021

Kansas producers have new funding opportunities to help address woody plant encroachment on targeted rangelands through the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Kansas Great Plains Grassland Initiative. The program focuses on early prevention strategies and makes producers in targeted rangelands eligible to receive Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) funding to help control woody plants. Core grasslands include areas within the Flint Hills, Gypsum Hills and Smoky Hills regions of Kansas. 

The application deadline is July 2. Once submitted, applications will be assessed and ranked as soon as the applicant has made conservation treatment decisions. The ranking system is designed to prioritize funds for landscapes with less than 10% coverage of woody plant species. Based on fund availability, applications with a ranking score of 30 points or greater will be preapproved, allowing for immediate enrollment into an EQIP contract. Those with scores less than 30 points will be financed in ranking order as funding allows. For more information or to acquire an application, contact the local NRCS office.