KLA, NCBA Actively Monitoring Climate Policy

April 5, 2021

There has been a lot of discussion lately about President Joe Biden’s 30 x 30 directive, which is part of a larger executive action on climate change issued January 27. The directive seeks to conserve 30% of the land and ocean in America by 2030. As part of that effort, the secretary of interior, in consultation with the secretary of agriculture, secretary of commerce and the chair of the Council on Environmental Quality, has been directed to compile a report within 90 days for the National Climate Task Force that was established by the broader executive order. 

The report must propose guidelines for determining what lands and waters qualify for conservation and establish a mechanism to measure progress toward the 30% goal. The secretary of agriculture has specifically been charged with collecting input from farmers and ranchers about how best to use USDA programs, funding and financing capacities, and other authorities to achieve additional, measurable and verifiable carbon reductions and sequestration.  

KLA staff has made clear in recent conversations with agency staff that KLA does not support executive mandates to enforce climate policy and opposes using such policy to redirect funding for programs that focus on resource concerns. KLA and NCBA are actively monitoring this issue to ensure producers and private property rights are protected.