KLA Environmental Services Turns 20

April 1, 2021

KLA ES President Kevin Shamburg (left) with KLA President Jerry Kuckelman of Manhattan.

Twenty years ago today, KLA leaders made the decision to form KLA Environmental Services (KLA ES). Located in Salina, this separate for-profit entity was established to help the livestock industry successfully navigate increasing environmental regulations. In 2010, the company expanded to include a second office in Scott City to better serve members in western Kansas. Over the past 20 years, the staff at Salina and Scott City have assisted KLA members and the livestock industry nationwide. 

The team of engineers, technicians, agronomist and compliance consultants have become industry leaders in feeding facility expansions, manure management, nutrient management planning, water right development, environmental compliance, whole-pond seepage testing, water supply system modeling, mortality management, construction contract administration, flood control systems and groundwater monitoring. In addition, KLA ES currently is commissioning and deploying an innovative mobile app software system to assist KLA members in managing and navigating the complex regulatory process. 

Please join us in celebrating 20 years and hundreds of projects aimed at providing innovative engineering, agronomy and environmental compliance solutions to KLA members and the agricultural industry.