Consumers Respond To Beef Air Fryer Recipes

February 17, 2021

The Kansas Beef Council (KBC) developed a new recipe series seeking to elevate beef within the hottest new cooking genre of 2021 - air frying. According to market research conducted by NDP Group, nearly 40% of U.S. homes have an air fryer. Not only have consumers purchased them, they also are actively searching for recipes on Google, social media and Pinterest.               

“Our staff noticed a dramatic uptick in search volume and the sheer amount of content being shared on social networks related to the air fryer. They also noticed beef was underrepresented in this space. KBC worked diligently to develop beef recipes that taste great and capitalized on the search trends,” said KBC Chairman Tracy Thomas. 

KBC-produced and -photographed air fryer recipes were published in mid-January and have been seen more than one million times and generated tens of thousands of website visits to bookmark the recipes. To view the recipes, go to “

We’re pleased with how well consumers are engaging with this checkoff-funded content and the efficiency in which it is getting in front of them,” said KBC Communications Director Scott Stebner. “We’re also excited to see that other states have leveraged the assets produced here in Kansas to reach consumers beyond our state line, which maximizes the investment in demand-building activities.”