Turn Cartridges Into Cash For KLF Scholarships

January 11, 2021

Since KLA was unable to hold last year’s convention in person, the decision was made to extend 2020 cartridge collections through February. Therefore, members are encouraged to turn in empty Ralgro and Revalor cartridges now for counting. Collections for 2021 will run from March to December.   

For each empty cartridge, Merck Animal Health will donate 25¢ to help fund Kansas Livestock Foundation (KLF) scholarships. Based on the number turned in at the 2019 KLA Convention, KLF was able to provide $11,500 in scholarships for the 2020-21 school year. 

The county from which the most cartridges are received will have a scholarship specifically designated for a student in that county. Be sure to specify your home county when cartridges are turned in. For more details on getting your cartridges counted, contact the Merck Animal Health representative in your area or the KLA office.