Beef Certificate Program Provides Resources To Schools

November 18, 2020

Through the Kansas Beef Council’s (KBC) checkoff-funded Beef Certificate Program, Kansas producers offer educational resources and reimbursement for products purchased and used for teaching about beef in family and consumer science foods classes and ProStart programs. Program funds provide financial support for the purchase of beef for use in classroom lessons about lean beef selection, storage, preparation and nutrition. 

In addition to monetary assistance, the program provides standards-based lesson plans, educational videos and other resources that can be used to engage students in the learning process. Recently created curriculums aim to offer secondary level students a greater understanding of beef production and include interactive, in-person and virtual learning options that provide information about the beef life cycle and the role beef plays in a healthy and sustainable diet. Checkoff-funded curriculums like these create greater beef literacy leading to more in-depth investigations and activities that help guide the conversation about the journey of beef from pasture to plate.   

There were 117 Kansas middle and high schools approved for the Beef Certificate Program for the 2019-20 school year. This allowed a reach of 12,478 students in 41 counties across the state. Programs such as these are made possible through the investment of beef producers. To learn more about how beef checkoff dollars are invested in programs and resources that connect with both consumers and producers, visit the new Beef Hub on the KBC website by clicking here.