2020 Young Stockmen’s Academy Gets A Do-Over

October 13, 2020

The year of 2020 has been filled with many uncertainties, including those surrounding public gatherings and tours, which has greatly impacted this year’s KLA Young Stockmen’s Academy (YSA). With social distancing measures and crowd limitations put in place, as well as wanting to maintain the health and safety of YSA members, the 2020 class was prevented from having the educational and networking experience the program is designed to provide. Therefore, members of this year’s class will transition into the YSA class of 2021.   

Since KLA will not be seeking new applicants for next year’s class, members are encouraged to let potential candidates know applications for the 2022 class will be available late next year. For questions related to the YSA program, contact Ryan Higbie at ryan@kla.org.