KBC Launches Virtual Chuteside BQA Video

October 12, 2020

The Kansas Beef Council (KBC) partnered with Kansas State University to record a virtual chuteside cattle demonstration featuring K-State extension veterinarian A.J. Tarpoff. The video, using both GoPro and drone technology, showcases the key principles of Beef Quality Assurance and applies them in a relatable real-world setting. Tarpoff discusses proper vaccine storage and handling, needle size, low-stress handling and facility design, while processing cattle next to a squeeze chute.      

KBC and Tarpoff recently hosted a Zoom webinar featuring the video and a live question and answer session targeted toward college students across the state. Participants included students from K-State, Fort Hays State University and Kansas community colleges.  Producers interested in watching the video can do so by going to www.kansasbeef.org/beefhub.