Kansas Beef Council Campaign Generates More Than 1 Million Views

March 12, 2020

The checkoff-funded “One Simple Ingredient” campaign launched in mid-December by the Kansas Beef Council (KBC) has reached a tremendous milestone, generating more than 1 million video views and over 2 million impressions from consumers in Kansas and the Kansas City metro area.

Crafted as a research-based response to alternative proteins, the campaign seeks to showcase the positive attributes of beef, namely that it is an authentic source of protein with 10 essential nutrients in just one simple ingredient, beef.  

“We’re seeing tremendous results with the campaign,” said KBC Director of Communications Scott Stebner. “The campaign is not only generating high interest and delivering at an incredibly cost-effective rate, but market research shows the video generates positive perceptions of beef.”  

Although alternative protein companies routinely disparage the health attributes of beef, KBC Director of Nutrition Abby Heidari said testing showed that after watching the One Simple Ingredient video, consumers said beef was delicious, nutritious and natural. Furthermore, 85% of respondents who watched the 15-second version of the video during market testing stated the campaign made them want to purchase beef within the next week.

In addition to KBC, the Washington State Beef Commission also is leveraging the video campaign to consumers in Seattle.