Sharing Beef’s Great Nutrition Story Is A Priority For Checkoff Programming

November 20, 2019

Checkoff-funded blog posts focus on hot topics in nutrition and help position accurate information and research on beef’s role in a healthy and balanced diet within social media platforms. A recent blog post on the Kansas Beef Council website focused on encouraging millennial moms to use beef’s bold flavor in chili recipes to help add nutritious vegetables that picky eaters otherwise might avoid. Pairing vegetables with favorite foods like beef can help make it easier to enjoy more produce in a balanced diet. The post highlighted the benefits of beef’s unique nutrient profile and why beef is a great first food for infants and toddlers.

A few additional nutrition topics on the website include simple tips for mindful holiday eating, nutrition tips for student athletes and tips for batch-cooking beef. It is important for the beef checkoff to dedicate resources to educate consumers on the benefits beef provides in order to maintain a healthy diet within online platforms that have become a common source for nutrition information. 

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