KLA And NCBA Actively Engaged In Issues Involving Tyson Plant At Holcomb

August 16, 2019

KLA and NCBA are actively working to represent member interests in the wake of the fire at the Tyson beef plant at Holcomb. One of the first steps taken involved NCBA contacting the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and Packers & Stockyards Administration to make the agencies aware of the situation and ask them to monitor any potentially illegal activity in the marketplace.             

Both KLA and NCBA have gained commitments from USDA leadership to make inspectors and graders available for additional weekend shifts at other beef processing plants that are expanding production. The organizations have requested the U.S. Department of Transportation accommodate longer hauls necessary to move fed cattle to other plants by waiving the hours-of-service rules for livestock haulers.             

KLA has stressed the impact of the temporary plant closure to state officials, asking them to support efforts to repair the facility as quickly as possible. Requests have been made of key congressional members to assist in clearing any regulatory obstacles that arise. NCBA has asked the National Economic Council at the White House to support regulatory flexibility in the rebuilding process.