K-State Symposium Will Address Anaplasmosis

May 14, 2019

The Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine will host a symposium on anaplasmosis May 20 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Manhattan. Producers are encouraged to attend, as veterinarians from K-State discuss the current state of the disease in Kansas beef herds. The symposium will feature presentations on the prevalence, economic impact, diagnostic considerations, prevention and treatment of bovine anaplasmosis. Speakers also will discuss how the Veterinary Feed Directive impacts prevention of the disease. A panel discussion will feature producers describing their  experiences with the disease. The symposium will conclude with an overview of anaplasmosis research projects at K-State and opportunities for rancher participation.

Admission is $25 for cattle producers and the general public. The cost for veterinarians interested in earning continuing education credit is $100. To register, click here. For more information, call (785) 532-5552.