Relief Efforts Continue For Nebraska Farmers And Ranchers

April 3, 2019

Flooding continues to devastate farms and ranches in Nebraska. The latest damage estimate issued by Nebraska officials was $1.3 billion, including $400 million for cattle operations and $440 million for row crops. Gov. Pete Ricketts said three-fourths of the state’s 93 counties had declared disaster emergencies.

KLA members can donate several ways to Nebraska disaster relief. Checks can be sent to the Nebraska Cattlemen Disaster Relief Fund, 4611 Cattle Drive, Lincoln, NE 68521. Donations to the Nebraska Cattlemen fund also can be made online here. Monetary contributions also are being accepted by the Nebraska Farm Bureau (NEFB) Foundation, P.O. Box 80299, Lincoln, NE 68501. NEFB is accepting online donations here. Nebraska Cattlemen and NEFB will distribute 100% of all donations collected to Nebraska farmers and ranchers affected by natural disasters.

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture is coordinating in-kind donations of hay, feedstuffs, fencing materials, volunteer help and equipment. To donate, call (800) 831-0550.