Reeve Shares Experiences With Membership

December 5, 2018

Lee Reeve

Outgoing KLA President Lee Reeve, who once operated a fish hatchery utilizing warm water produced by his family’s ethanol plant, used that experience to draw analogies during his parting remarks last week at the KLA Convention. He talked of lessons learned in seeking advice with a start-up venture and how that translates to all business connections.

“In our lives, we’re going to deal with a lot of ‘consultants’ who have a tremendous influence on us,” said the Garden City cattle feeder and farmer. “Take the time to deal with the best people you can.”

Reeve also used his experience watching fish growers from different countries work together in encouraging members to continue promoting U.S. beef around the globe and to band together under KLA when political challenges face the industry.

“We produce the best beef in the world, and that’s one thing that isn’t going to change,” he said. “Sure, we’ll have to address changes as they come down the pike, but the beauty of our organization’s structure is that we’re very quick to respond.”