Miami County Committee Earns Top Recruiter Award

December 4, 2018


Miami County KLA
Chairman Joe Atwood

The Miami County KLA Committee signed up 36 new members this year to take recruiter of the year honors. Recognized during the KLA Convention in Wichita, the committee received a 30-30 rifle and a Greeley Hat Works hat for their efforts. 

Second place in the 2018 Top Hand Contest went to the Linn County KLA Committee with 26 members enlisted. Ty Riggs of Sedan was third with 20 recruits. Both received rifles.           

Others recognized for membership efforts at the convention were Becky Farha, Yates Center, with 10 recruits; Harry Moser of Wheaton and Gregg Stewart of Washington, with six each; and Dustin Wootten from McLouth, Russ Walker of Altoona and the Anderson County KLA Committee, with five each.           

KLA currently has a total of 5,646 new members, up 182 from last year.