Checkoff Workshop Helps Digital Influencers Tell Beef Story

November 8, 2018


The Kansas Beef Council hosted 14 digital influencers from the Kansas City area October 23 for their second “Meat Up, Kansas City” event. NCBA Executive Chef Dave Zino led participants through a checkoff-funded workshop discovering umami flavors in cooking beef. In addition, digital influencers participated in a blind taste test that included: grass- vs. grain-finished, Prime vs. Select, well-done vs. medium rare, wet- vs. dry-aged and 80% lean ground beef patties vs. the Beyond Burger. The event ended with Chef Zino demonstrating how to cook a umami-packed ribeye steak with blue cheese butter.

Participants shared images and videos with their followers throughout the event. Additionally, each influencer was sent home with the ingredients to make a ribeye steak with blue cheese butter. Most of the influencers made the dish over the weekend and shared the recipe on their social media accounts. Collectively, the digital influencers in attendance have more than 850,000 consumers following their social media posts.